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Interviewed by a Living Legend

What do you do when you are interviewed by someone who has spent time with presidents, royalty, business leaders, and the world's who's who? Just listen!

From 1995-2017 Bibb anchored various newscasts at WEWS (most recently weekdays at noon) as well as hosting a Sunday morning show named Kaleidoscope, which focuses on urban issues in Cleveland. In the early 2000s, Bibb did a series called Our Hometown, where he focused on a historical sites in the Cleveland area. He is known to take a camera operator to talk about a story in his own perspective, and such stories are now featured on WEWS under the title of "My Ohio."

"He asked a few questions, but I was more interested in his journey of faith. He took me back (fondly) to the time he was baptized by Rev. Milton E. Wilson."


I was interviewed by him, but he did most of the talking. I didn't care...because he IS A LEGEND...and I was fortunate to spend time with him. Lights, camera, we went. Here is the best thing about that interview. Being the professional that he is, the camera disappeared, the audience became invisible, and we were like old friends talking in his living room. What a gift! Thanks Leon Bibb! #thanksforthememories!

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