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LA Church Burnings! Only Fires Up The Racial Reconciliation Movement."

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

The state of Louisiana has suffered a rash of arson attacks on three African-American churches. These arson attacks, as we say in my neighborhood, were “punk moves.” I have received phone calls from people across the nation wondering what's going on “down there in Louisiana.” While I understand their concerns, I want to be clear about how the actions of one cowardly person (done in the dark) does not paint a picture for all people. Racism exists in ugly forms, and I am not naïve enough to believe we have eradicated racism in all its forms. However, what is frustration about this cowardly act is how it blankets the courageous work of racial reconciliation done by many in our country.

Where are the news outlets when caucasians pastors are choosing to walk away from salaries because of racially questionable church actions? Where are the television crews when caucasian parents intentionally surround their children with diverse friends? Where are the news articles when caucasian families decide to live in the "hood" and do something about race in America? These are not stories I have read, but are about people I know and love. I know racism exists, but there is an intentional effort to keep our country divided... and it is working...OR IS IT?

"...there is an intentional effort to keep our country divided...and it is working...OR IS IT?"


While driving, in Louisiana, I noticed black and white parishioners walking out of a church "together." I had to stop and investigate. I approached a gentleman and asked him, “How long has this church been this diverse?” His answer, "I have been coming to this church since 1989 and diversity is all we know." I realize this is just one church, so I am not trying to paint a perfect picture. However, I am trying to sketch another picture beside the one seen on news outlets. Regardless of these cowardly arson attacks, the work of racial reconciliation continues. As a matter of fact, the fires serve as smoke signals for unity.

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